Only for the Brave

Only for the Brave

A reflection on the book El Camino de Santiago by DR Arellano, CFC FFL Fulltime Worker. El Camino de Santiago is a book written by our Servant General, Frank Padilla.

Servant Leadership is only for the brave. Those who are brave enough to find the deeper meaning of it and apply it in their lives. You have to search for its real meaning because it is hard to understand. One dilemma of servant leaders is that they have to serve and at the same time, they have to lead. There seems to be a disconnect between those two words – an oxymoron as they say. It’s hard, it’s confusing but it is the leadership style of Jesus. I personally have a lot of question about servant leadership but this book enlightened me and opened my eyes to a different perspective.

There are three major realizations that I got from this book. First, Servant Leaders are to be connected to God – all the time. The privilege of being a servant leader started and came from God, therefore, for us to be a servant leader, we must stay connected to the God the source of all. May by this is the reason why we get frustrated at times when we serve, because we tend to focus on the work for the Lord than the Lord of the work.

Second, as you serve, remember that you don’t serve alone. There are many other servant leaders the same as you are. They undergo similar challenges as yours. Servant Leaders help one another. Servant Leaders always offer a helping hand to those who are in need. We pray sincerely for one another. Yes, the cross may be heavy, but you have fellow servants who will be willing to help you along the away. In fact, the Lord will provide tools for you. He does not promise an easy road but He promised to provide for you as you serve him.

Third, every pain in service is an opportunity to encounter the Lord. It is true that pain is part of the process of servant leadership. Pain, hurts, hardships are all part of what you’ve signed up for. But never be eaten or taken down by those pain. We are to endure. Acknowledge our failures, and weaknesses but always make way to go back on track. St. Paul said “when I am weak then I am strong” it is because God told him that His power works perfect in weakness. Just like what Tito Frank said “we are privileged when we suffer for the cause of Christ.”

Servant Leadership is not for everyone. Its only for the brave. Those who are brave enough to accept the challenges, brave enough to endure the pain, brave enough to be the last and to be the servant of all. Servant Leadership is only for the brave enough to be humble and accept the fact that we nothing without Christ.