(Re-posted from CFC SFL)

Praise the Lord for such a beautiful conference! As a new transitioner from the youth into singles, I must say that this was definitely something the Lord had truly prepared my heart for! Growing the past four years in this community, I’ve been blessed with so many opportunities to serve my fellow youth– it’s such a rejuvenating and renewing feeling to spend a weekend being nourished alongside my brothers and sisters in Christ at my first SFL conference!

I used to worry so much about my vocation, but as events unraveled in my life, I’ve realized that what the Lord has been calling me to do is serve. Yes, to serve the Lord even more! I’ve come to understand the cry of my soul– to give the best years of my life to the Lord alone, for He deserves nothing less than the best! The workshop, Dare to Value, given by Sister Marilyn was simply laced with such strong affirmations to my heart. At one moment, she pointed at us and said, “You are the mission.” But her finger pointed at me, and her eyes were fixed on mine. It was no coincidence, for it’s been written in my heart. It was made known to me at that moment that I am truly called to do mission work; I’ve been called to completely deny myself and offer my heart to my neighbor. 

Even as the conference ended and we spent time in fellowship in New York City, there were so many reminders, so many affirmations!

Whether it is within this community or joining Sister Marilyn in Haiti, I know that the Lord has completely captured my heart to give as a gift to those who are most in need, and I will honor His calling with utmost perseverance, and by giving my wholehearted, unfaltering “Yes” to the Lord!

At this point, I’m still unsure of exactly how I will go about it, but I believe with all that I am that God will provide, and I put my full trust in Him!

That which I have been dared to fulfill is still waiting to be conquered! The dare to live a beautiful and fruitful life!

With the intercession of Mama Mary and all the angels and Saints, I know I will be fully equipped to do the Lord’s bidding. Please say a small prayer for me, if you have time! It means more than you will know! Thank you from the bottom of my heart to all those who made this conference possible, including the beautiful prayer warriors across the world! You are all such blessings to me! May His name be forever praised!