Infusing God into your daily serving

Last August 18, CFC YFL Campus Based had fun with its latest activity: an Open Mic Night. Opened to all YFLs currently serving in the campuses, ‘Now Brewing’ delivered an experience of fellowship and talent showcase. A culminating event for the success of the youth camps held in June to July, the event was a celebration of God’s glory in the Campuses. With God being the source of all successes and talents, the night started with a worship led by Cedric Cammayo, Program Volunteer for Campus Based and Area Servant for Katipunan. Then followed by a welcoming remark by Garri Guarnes, Full Time Pastoral Worker and Program Servant for CFC YFL Campus Based.


While musicians and performers showcased their skills and talents, ‘pika-pika’ foods were available for the guests. Performers consisted of active YFL Campus Based members studying in universities ranging from Taft, Espanya, U-Belt, Katipunan, and Intramuros. From singing, rapping, playing of instruments, and ‘Glee-like’ performances, YFLs from the campuses were proved talented and entertaining. After the event-proper, Joi Villas, Mission Volunteer and Area Servant for Intramuros, ended the night with a short talk that inspired and urged the YFLs in Campus Based to turn the lights on. With hearts convicted and willing to stand up to show people in the campuses who God really is, the event ended with an action: Be the light in the darkness that surrounded universities today.


God infusion is needed. The youth of today need an infusion of God’s thoughts into their thoughts; and of His actions into their actions. Now Brewing: Open Mic Night was more than just a culminating event. It was a springboard for YFLs serving in the campuses to take into heart the mission of evangelization in their campuses. The Open Mic Night was definitely just the start, for greater things are yet to come for YFL Campus Based!