September 27, 2012


Next year, our Catholic Church has proclaimed the Year of Faith (from October 11, 2012 to November 24, 2013). On October 7 to 28 this year, Pope Benedict XVI is convening the Synod of Bishops to discuss “The New Evangelization for the Transmission of the Christian Faith.” Faith and the New Evangelization go together. The New Evangelization is all about propagating the Christian faith, both in renewing the Church and also in accomplishing her missio ad gentes. Faith in Jesus is at the core of the New Evangelization and it is our faith that pushes us to proclaim the good news of salvation in Jesus to the whole world.

For 2013, our theme is on faith.


Our 2013 theme



“Amen, amen, I say to you,

whoever believes in me will do the works that I do,

and will do greater ones than these,

because I am going to the Father.”

(John 14:12)


The foundation of our faith is our belief in Jesus. He is Savior and Lord. We follow in his footsteps by living his way of life and continuing with his mission.

Our basic charism and work is evangelization. We are to proclaim Christ so that many more will meet Christ, live Christ and share Christ. As servant to the Catholic Church, we look to mainstream Catholic lay evangelization.

Since this is God’s work, since we look to becoming instruments empowered by the Holy Spirit, we follow in Jesus’ footsteps and do a wide work of massive worldwide evangelization. Jesus has commissioned us as his workers. Our passion is to win the world for Christ. We look to signs and wonders, as we believe that faith works wonders. We know that greater things are yet to come.

We ultimately look to our eternal reward, life forevermore with our Father in heaven.


So for 2013 we are called to BE.LI.EV.E.

BE a friend of Jesus (to meet and know Christ)

LIve the way of Jesus (to live Christ)

EVangelize in the name of Jesus (to share Christ)


Ultimately, we look to Enter into eternal life


JOHN 14:12


The New Evangelization

“Amen, amen, I say to you”

“whoever believes in me”

Be a friend of Jesus

Meet Christ

“will do the works that I do”

Live the way of Jesus

Live Christ

“and will do greater ones than these”

Evangelize in the name of Jesus

Share Christ

“because I am going

to the Father.”

Enter into eternal life


  1. Our verse for 2013 reveals a very powerful truth to us who believe. However, there s a difference between believing and acting dat belief. That s faith, similar to dat of d Centurion’s (Lk 7) and d Syrophoenician woman’s (Mk 7)! We’r not deserving, but dat s what His grace s all about!
    The corollary to John 14:12, I believe, s 1Jn 4:17 where we’re assured: as Jesus s, so we r n dis world. We don’t strive anymore to earn it, bcoz it s God’s favor to us who believes n Jesus–His Grace. This we gotta live out not painfully but in a posture of rest, which s what our Friend and Brother Jesus accomplished for us on d Cross (our sins, to Him; His righteousness, to us: 2Cor 5:21). Everything was finished because of dat act! The way to heaven has been opened and that s through our Lord Jesus. Hallelujah!

  2. We just hope that the Holy Spirit’s leading will not be stifled. Hopefully this year we will grow more and “do greater things”.

    Praise God!

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