Padilla now Nuncio to Tanzania

Archbishop Francisco M. Padilla was named Apostolic Nuncio to Tanzania. Archbishop Padilla is originally from Cebu, and was the Nuncio to Papua New Guinea and Solomon Islands from 2006. He now moves to Tanzania in Africa.

Tanzania is a country in Africa with about 30% of it’s population being Catholic.

Archbishop Padilla is the brother of another Apostolic Nuncio. Archbishop Osvaldo Padilla, the Nuncio to Korea and Mongolia. They are also relatives of our Servant General, Frank Padilla.

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  1. Your Eminence Nuncio Padilla are you related to Fr. Ramonchito Padilla in Jakarta who is incongregation of Don Bosco?

    My Name is Mila Rush I did met you once with Sister Lalaine we deliver some food. Yesterday a person approach me asking if there is Couple for Christ here, I told him I don't know so far I did ask some group of Filipino they said they have before but they all move…

    I was approach if I could set up a CCD for their children and parent …I don't mind doing it but I like to find a priest who could give us a spiritual advice… I have write this to ask you if you could recommend us a Priest I could approach to be our spiritual adviser.

    I have been a Cathethist for ten years preparing the children to receive First Holy Communion in International School in Jakarta…and my Spiritual director is Fr. Nico Duamis and Fr. Chito Padilla.

    Were going to start the group of Family this coming Saturday…please I need your advice this is my email address.

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