Pay It Forward

(by Jo-I Villas, YFL Mission Volunteer)

Last December 2011, I had a chance to go with four other missionaries to Isabela for a 3-day Live Pure mission. The trip was about sharing the good news of chastity and to testify with our own personal stories the effect of it in our lives. We talked to groups mostly clustered in hundreds but there were some that was more intimate as we had fewer numbers and was in a “tambay/chill” atmosphere.  Our mission there ended with our hearts filled with joy and gratitude as the Lord gave us the opportunity to share to around 3,000 High School students our convictions and passion for a good life that goes with purity.

The experience for me was vindicating and deepening. As I share my life now to people younger than me I can’t help but remember who and what I was like before. Being able to recall my life before the Lord bombarded me with blessings that eventually led me to a transformation; it always leads me to thanksgiving and honor for his goodness and faithfulness in my life. This is what I always tell myself, “You are where you are supposed to be, it’s a privilege. It can’t get any better than this.”  What I usually shared to people was my addiction to masturbation and pornography, but I end it about my great value for waiting and respect for woman. Because I realized all the things we imparted to them are better than what I perceived “cool” before.

So much more to say about how God has transformed me but it will all be summed up to this phrase, “THIS LIFE IS GREAT, BLESSED”. The presence of God had my life transformed and overhauled for greater things that I never imagined for myself. His goodness continues to overflow every day, but the GREAT gets even better. The better part of being transformed by God is you become a witness and testimonial to the truth that he changes lives and he is the LIFE! Who I am, what I have, every good in me is just a blessing given by God. As I let the Lord to continually make me better there’s no reason to hold back and contain it within me because I can’t. I end my sharing with these lines, “So blessed I can’t contain, so much I got to give it away, your Love has taught me to live now, You are more than enough for me.” The cost has been taken care of. The source is INFINITE and unquestionably LOVING. No other way but to PAY IT FORWARD and let others know of this Good Life.