Pray for Malawi!

Please pray for our community in Malawi. From VL Ramos, our missionary there:

“Hi guys, please include us in your prayers. Please pray for all CFCFFL members, Filipinos and Malawians (especially the President that he may be enlightened) that due to growing economic problems and worsening poverty, the Malawians have already had enough of it and they have decided to have a national-wide demonstration against the Government, which is currently being held since last night. Majority of government ministries and different sectors have come together to send their pains and sentiments to the President, who is defensive on the current economic issues of Malawi. The president has already deployed his men all over the demonstration sites. All major road ways are closed, many establishments and offices are also closed, and crimes such us killings are happening. We are safe and currently staying at home. I hope and pray that this will be resolved with open dialogue and humility and it will not get any worse. Thank you and God bless Malawi.”

Update: Grocery shops and supermarkets were just looted by some abusive people. Injunction orders has been declared for those who will demonstrate against the government.

Update 2 (July 20): The demonstration is getting intense, tear gas and rubber bullets are currently being used by the police against the demonstrators. More establishments are being plundered. The President is with his supporters and other high ranking government officials in Lillongwe, they are currently having “Presidential Public Lecture”, stating one by one the achievements and plans of his government. Follow the link for some pictures of the demonstration​3671. God help Malawi.