Prayers for those in Biliran Road Crash

On early evening last July 21, a group of about 31 relatives (with children) from Barangay Villa Caneja, Naval, Biliran were on board of an elf truck bound to Caibiran for them to attend the last night vigil of the wake of their relative.

Upon reaching the Tinago, Caibiran area – in a very steep slope road stretch, the elf truck lost its brakes, then and there happened the tragic accident that turned the truck – tumbling twice.

13 instantly died and on the following day the total count of fatalities reached 15.

4 individuals are still now in Tacloban hospitals as they are in critical condition while the rest of the passengers are already ok and at home.

There are 3 CFC-FFL families who are involved in the tragic accident:

The Brgy Capt of Villa Caneja, Naval – Connie Montiadora and her husband Raul, both active CFC members, are both now in St. Paul’s Hospital in Tacloban. Though last night, Sis. Connie – after a blood clot operation in the head – and Bro. Raul – after a minor procedure – are both already in stable condition.

The driver – also a CFC member – is in EVRMC Tacloban and now in stable condition, but his entire family – wife (3months pregnant) and three children – instantly died at the incident.

There was also another CFC couple where the wife also instantly died.

So there are 3 CFC-FFL families directly involved in the accident. Not all as early reported though practically they are all relatives and the area have many CFCs.

The CFC-FFL community accorded our utmost time to comfort our brothers and sisters in Villa Caneja and assisted the family in Tacloban upon its referral to city hospital.

We had initiated fund raising among local CFC members to assist the financial needs of our CFC brethren especially in anticipation for the hospital bills.

The provincial and municipal governments have already committed for the coffins and burial expenses.

Last night, the CFC Biliran Core team brought snacks and coffee for the vigil, visited Villa Caneja where we learned that the wake of 14 of the casualties are just in one place, while 1 is in their family’s house in adjacent Barangay.

In this moment of grief, Join us in prayers for the eternal repose of all the souls of those who died in the tragic accident, and for the fast recovery of those who are still in the hospitals.

Nards Madeja, District Servant – Diocese of Naval

News articles about it from GMA News and Philippine Star.