Pro-Life Conference Held in Ecuador

(by Edna Lyn Morales, MPC FFV Ecuador)

All praises to God and Mama Mary for making the third pro-life conference spirit-filled at the Centro Estudios Espiritu Santo on August 25 and 26, 2012. This pro-life endeavor has been an annual evangelization project of MPC-FFV Ecuador to press against the Reproductive Health Bill that the senate aims to pass here (yes Philippines, we are on the same boat!).

We praise and thank the Lord because this has been the second year that we were able to hold the conference in the said school. At least 650 members and some 70 parents of CEES gathered to be evangelized. MPC-FFV and the Moral Values Department of CEES collaborate in the Christian formation of the parents in the primary grade.

Consecrated lay and lawyer Cristina Franco opened the first day with the topic “Defendamos la vida” (Let Us Defend Life). She spelled out the deception of the RH Bill and exhorted everyone to stand for life even if a woman was a victim of sexual assault. Indeed a crime cannot be solved by another abomination.

Engineer Joaquin Martinez, the owner of the school where we held the conference, inspired us with the theme “Relacíon padres-hijos” (The Relationship of Parents and Children). He emphasized on the need for parents to encourage their children to be the best on what they choose instead of pushing them to lead a life they desire for them.

The Holy Eucharist was celebrated in midday. Bishop Iván Minda inspired us with his message of support. He mentioned the urgency of evangelization and protection of life from conception. Deacon Alberto Morales also served in the celebration.

“Los padres y la sexualidad” (Parents and Sexuality) was shared by Padre Charly Garcia. His talk was an affirmation of what we stand for with regard to teaching sexuality. It all starts in the home and this we should advocate.

Brother Carlos Gárces walked us through on the need to heal the pains of abortion with his talk “¿Por qué sanar las heridas de un aborto?”

The Seven Core Values of the Community was given by Brother Juan Flor. This shot two objectives: to remind the members on what we do, and to invite the parents who attended.

The second day was equally interesting. Doctor Nadia Donadonibus explored the theme “El mal de hoy: en la infancia y adolescencia” (The Bad at Present Times: in Infancy and Adolescence). She focused on media as powerful tool in shaping the minds of the young.

The last talk was given by Christine Vollmer, President of the Latin American Alliance for the Family. Her topic was “La educación y los hijos” (Formation and Children). She shared about the importance of instilling family culture and promoted her book Aprendiendo a querer (Learning to Cherish).

Archbishop Antonio Arregui of the Archdiocese of Guayaquil capped the two-day event with the Eucharistic celebration. Once more, Deacon Alberto Morales served with him. He left us with words of encouragement, enjoining us to pursue the culture of life amidst trials. Before he left, he blessed the image of the Our Lady of Mediatrix of All Graces, which was brought by Alberto and Magdalena Morales from Quito.