Provincial District Servants 2012

List of the Provincial District Servants for 2012. Other areas not mentioned in this post are considered Mission Areas [While a territorial area is not yet a district, then it is considered a Mission Area. … all areas start out as Mission Areas until specifically designated as a district by Manila.]


1.  Tarlac (Tarlac) – Fel Tongol

2.  Imus (Cavite) – Warren Galarce

3.  San Pablo (Laguna) – Ricky Celino

4.  Lipa (Batangas) – Cesar Ramirez

5.  Puerto Princesa (Palawan) – Ed Zabala


1. Naval (Biliran) – Bro Nards Madeja

2. Tagbilaran (Bohol) – Ed Macalandag

3. Dumaguete (Negros Oriental) – Terly Pacana

4. Talibon (Bohol) – Alex Seroje


1. Marbel (South Cotabato, Sarangani and Sultan Kudarat) – Roy Maturan

[Note: Qualifications for a Mission Area to become a District:

1)   When CFC-FFL in the area has grown to two clusters;[1] OR

2)   When CFC-FFL in an area, despite not growing to two clusters,[2] is deemed mature enough to qualify as a district. Such maturity is manifested by:

  • CFC-FFL in the area has been faithful to its life and mission for a number of years.
  • Leadership is stable.

[1] A cluster is a group of chapters.

[2] There will be areas, especially in certain countries in the world, where growth will be constrained by things such as the limited number of Christians or Catholics, or by the lack of religious freedom, or just by the general hardness of the soil.]

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  1. God be praised for inspiring those mission areas to grow and become districts. His affirmation of CFCFFL continues to be manifested in small steps. I honor the brothers and their wives for their commitment to servant leadership.

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