Quemarlabaro 2011 (God Heals)

Group Picture with Lucena Bishop Emilio Marquez and Regional Youth Director Rev Fr. Reginald Mamaril


God’s grace poured immensely at the recently held Quemarlabaro (QUEzon, MARinduque, LAguna, BAtangas, MindoRO) 2011 Regional Youth Camp 2011 held at the Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary Seminary at Lucban, Quezon.  The said event was attended by the Parish Youth Commission of the provinces of Quezon, Marinduque, Laguna and Batangas. Eight delegates of our community from SFL and YFL attended the event as well.

The welcome event was so grand. We were welcomed by a drum and lyre band outside Lucban church and the warm smile from the Lucbanin. A mass was held then a welcome party came next highlighted by the performance of the Lucbanin, it was very special, especially those from the young ones. There was also a torch parade and to top it all up, was a kamayan dinner. Truly , in just one night , God had surprised His young servants with those and there’s still more and we are so overwhelmed. Another highlight of the camp was the trip to Kamay ni Hesus and the healing mass from Fr. Joey Faller. Everyone reached the summit and was all blessed and healed at the end of the day. The talks given focused on different forms of leadership and every mass focused on healing. As such, we, the younger generations are being given the training on becoming a leader, and more as a serve as a servant leader which is the core of every Christian Leadership. The activities given was very heartfelt and the groupings, though was composed of different individual from different provinces was able to form a very special bond which is very evident up to this date. Indeed, when Jesus is in the center, nobody is a stranger.

The farewell night was a big fun as well. Each delegation had showcased their hidden talents. Everyone did a great job and worked and contributed and participated for the fellowship and for the glory of our Mighty God.

Whenever God calls, it’s always accompanied by a promise and we should never limit the wonders that God could bring to our lives. Our experience in Quemarlabaro 2011 is very memorable; in fact, the memory is very vivid on our hearts; the lessons that we have learned, the sumptuous food that we have had (man! That was awesome!) , the people that we have met and have come to love and the love of God which is also evident every single day of our lives. Apart from that, the eight of us tried to introduce the CFC-FFL culture to them, some grew curious and some grew interested. That is actually a realization of our goals of tracing our roots back to church. When we came there, we barely know each other , but for the five-day stay there, everyday brings a chance of knowing someone new or knowing someone you already knew better and eventually love them more.. Just like what Jesus said in the gospel of John 13 34;35 “And now I give you a new commandment ; love one another as I have loved you , so you must love one another. If you have love for one another, then everyone will know that you are my disciple”.

We are His disciples , servants of His will , future leaders , brothers and sisters , sons and daughters , and above all , His servant leaders , created to bring glory to His name! We look forward to see our “Quemar brethren” next summer and we would rejoice in His love.


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