Real Freedom. True Love. Total Happiness. 1st Live Pure Movement Conference


Yesterday the Live Pure Movement held their first conference at Ynares Gym in Pasig. Almost 4,000 youth from all over the Philippines attended the groundbreaking event. Re-live it through the eyes of Twitter:

Congratulations to an overwhelming, jampacked Live Pure Conference!!!@iwanttolivepure @cfcffl @cfcsfl

Thank you @chris_tiu for your message to the youth about chastity!#LivePureConference2012

Congrats to the Live Pure team! I am so proud of the work and passion you put into this! @josephtesoro @ej_LPM @sabgasgonia@waittRaineing

Thanks for the experience! Reminded me again of so many things that I have to do as a woman of God. #LivePureConference2012 @CFCFFL

The whole gym is rocking for the Lord and proclaiming to Live Pure#LivePureConference2012

Don’t settle for anything less than what God intends for you -ate grace oconer #LivePureConference2012

Thank you Father Gustilo for always being an avenue to lead us to Jesus 🙂 #LivePureConference2012

The prize of chastity is total happiness!#LivePureConference2012

Amazing how a group of young people can successfully arrange this kind of event(with 3,500 participants). Amazing. Galing nyo, YFL!☺

Now here at the Live Pure Conference. My bro Guji performing now with his band then they’re gonna show our short film, Tadhana.☺

Next session by married couple with 2 kids Pat @patoconer and Grace@graceoconer Oconer! #LivePureConference2012

Awesome film! Great job to those who made it! See it online soon.#LivePureConference2012

Now showing: the Live Pure movement short film: TADHANA#LivePureConference2012

Performing at 1pm at the Live Pure Conference at the Ynares Sports Arena in Pasig w my band and other music acts! See u there! God bless!

3500 plus plus people! Live Pure Conference @ Ynares Sports Arena Pasig 

Make that Guji, not Lugi. Thank you for coming to#LivePureConference2012 , @gujilorenzana !

Lugi takes his shades off and the crowd goes wild. Ha ha. Funny.#LivePureConference2012

Be the light in this dark world. Turn the lights on. Know the truth and speak out. #livepureconference2012

Now joining RJ is Lugi Lorenzana and Aminado band of ASAP.#LivePureConference2012

Kevin Remandaban of @cfcyfl now exhorting everyone to speak up, wake up, do not be afraid! Turn the lights on! #LivePureConference2012

Lunch break over! Cedric of @YFLCampusBased led the prayer. Video of Live Pure TURNING THE LIGHTS ON! Speak up!#LivePureConference2012

Photo essay contest winners: Aldrin Cuadra, Serg Domasian and Joanna Dobalos #LivePureConference2012

Activity: write down what is keeping you from experiencing true freedom. #LivePureConference2012

Kung maganda ang Buhay mo, may igaganda pa yan – @dylandskaman

Another great dance during the first talk with @jejejejerald and other YFL and SFL. Now sharing by JC Sarmiento @jc_chocoroll

God created us as free. But the world has made us forget that#LivePureConference2012

The world shows us that beauty is photoshopped. But God created us all as beautiful in His image and likeness! #LivePureConference2012

First session by Live Pure movement head Joseph Tesoro@josephtesoro #LivePureConference2012

Dance number by Exude dance troupe of FEU#LivePureConference2012

More than 65000 youth all over the Philippines and the world have heard the good news of chastity #LivePureConference2012

Lights go off, J band comes on, crowd goes wild!#LivePureConference2012

Beautiful singing from the EDSA Shrine choir #LivePureConference2012

God’s love is free! Total! faithful! Fruitful! #LivePureConference2012

Love of Christ is free and total. And now also faithful.

When are you ready for sex? Raise your left hand. If you have a wedding ring on your finger then you are ready. #LivePureConference2012

The love of God is also total. Buong-buo! #LivePureConference2012

Without true freedom we cannot love the other person, we will end up using them. The love of God is free! #LivePureConference2012

If love only lasts 72 days (Kim) or 55 hours (Britney) then we have a problem. What truly is love?

Ulan ka ba? Kasi lupa ako at kahit anong mangyari, sa akin ang bagsak mo – father Joel’s intro to homily. Everyone talks about love

Mass being celebrated by father Joel Jason of the Archdiocese of Manila

Rosary being led by Migs of Lucena and Renee of YFL Braveheart#LivePureConference2012

Jampacked! And not even 9am. Welcome to those who want to Live Pure!

Welcome to the Live Pure Conference!

Line to get in the Live Pure Conference now around the