(Part 40)


June 15, 2016

Today’s psalm: Psalm 31:20-24

God is good all the time. And we, the beloved children of a loving, merciful and all-powerful Father, are the direct beneficiaries of that goodness. Why is it then that many Christians live lives of misery or at least not exuberant joy? Well, just like our own children, if they choose to put themselves outside our intimate care, if they choose to follow the world rather than our guidance and instruction, if they do not enter more deeply into the faith they have been raised in, then they will experience troubles, pain and even disaster.

So it is too in our relationship with our God. “How great is your goodness, Lord, stored up for those who fear you.” (v.20a). God’s goodness is just waiting to be poured out upon us. But only if we are there in His presence, obedient to His decrees. If we turn away, if we veer away, if we reject what He says, then we will miss out. But if we present ourselves before our loving Father, as obedient children, fully trusting in His goodness, then we reap the bounty. “You display it for those who trust you” (v.20b).

Then we will experience true mercy. “Blessed be the Lord, marvelously he showed to me his mercy in a fortified city.” (v.22). In the bosom of the Father we have protection, care, love and His abiding presence. “The Lord protects the loyal, but repays the arrogant in full.” (v.24b). Where would you rather be? In the decadent world of darkness, or in God’s fortified city?

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