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April 23, 2015

The liberals at the Synod of Bishops last October 2014, in their desire to accommodate same-sex couples, asked if there was good that could be seen in a same-sex relationship, such as fidelity to each other (what?! Fidelity in serious wrongdoing?!).

So here is a case where a Catholic in an active same-sex marriage is a senior executive at the foremost social action arm of the US bishops’ conference, the Catholic Relief Services (CRS). He is doing a lot of good, we could say. Does that absolve him from his sin? Should we just keep quiet about his sin, which is scandalous?

And in this particular case, he is strongly supportive of the gay rights movement. He is against Catholic moral teaching. He is the enemy within. Shall we be “nice” to those who support those who seek the overturning of Catholic teaching and weakening the Church?


Vice-president of US bishops’ overseas charity is partner in same-sex marriage, group reports

Catholic World News – April 20, 2015

A senior executive of Catholic Relief Services (CRS), the overseas charity of the US bishops, is involved in a same-sex marriage, the Lepanto Institute has discovered.

Rick Estridge, the vice-president for overseas finance at CRS, entered into a same-sex marriage in Maryland in 2013. A marriage record obtained by the Lepanto Institute showed that Estridge had been involved in an earlier union that ended in divorce.

Estridge has worked for CRS in various capacities since 2001. He assumed his current post in April 2013, at about the same time as his marriage.

Estridge has shown his support for the gay-rights movement frequently, the Lepanto Institute found. His Facebook page includes numerous links to, and praise of, organizations promoting homosexual causes.

“This vice president is flouting Catholic moral teaching by living in a homosexual union and engaging in homosexual activism online,” said Michael Hichborn, president of the Lepanto Institute, which uncovered the documentation. “Personnel is policy, so it’s a fair question to ask how his lifestyle and activism have influenced policy at CRS.”

The Lepanto Institute has challenged the policies of CRS in the past, publicizing previous exposés that showed the organization’s involvement with programs supporting contraception in African countries.

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