(Part 49)


April 5, 2015

Today, Easter Sunday, we renewed our baptismal promises during the Mass. When asked, did the Catholics at Mass understand when they responded, “I do”? Unfortunately many did not.

“Do you renounce Satan?” Many Catholics no longer believe that Satan is an actual being that exists. Many, if they do believe, do not look to Satan at all, considering him irrelevant or of no consequence. Big mistake. Satan is the fallen angel Lucifer who totally opposes God and whatever good God causes to happen. His desire is to see more of us join him in hell. He is the one who has dominion over the world. He is committed to bringing us down (pun intended). As such, we are engaged in spiritual warfare. Not to be mindful of Satan is then not to oppose him. Not to oppose him is suicidal.

“And all his works?” All the bad things in the world are Satan’s works. God created only what is good, but Satan has corrupted what is of God, whether it is sex, authority, possessions, leisure, etc. Everyday we come face-to-face with Satan’s works—at home, in school, at the workplace, in our neighborhoods. And since Satan comes as an angel of light, we need to be able to discern if we are faced with Satan’s works and so turn away from them.

“And all his empty show?” Satan’s works are attractively packaged. He is a master showman. He invites, cajoles, tempts, entices. For fleeting pleasures. For things that do not truly satisfy. Just look at the ads, whether for white teeth or smooth underarms. Look to the flesh, satisfy your human desires, be attractive (on the outside). This leads us to be unmindful of the spirit, of true beauty that is inside.

The world wants us to indulge in consumerism, materialism, hedonism. This, the world says, is the way to happiness. It is not.

Do you renounce Satan, and all his works, and all his empty show? If not, then you are not a child of the Resurrection, and you have not really experienced Easter Sunday.

*     *     *