Rough Roads to the Stars

Rough Roads to the Stars

Reflection on the book “Fishers of Men”
by Daryl Aloya

A man inspired by the Lord to do his work is like a fearless sailor with his boat sail wide open, catches the wind and reaching territories he has never been before. This is the call to all of us, to go to uncharted places and conquer territories for the Lord. This is our commission, the call to mission.

Who are we to be doing this work for HIM? Am I really the right fit for this? This is the common question that we ask ourselves. Sometimes we tend to look at others as a best option for the mission rather than us. This feeling of inadequacy cripples us and brings injustice to the God who chose us. Let us remember that the Lord uses not the talented or the skilled but the willing. Those people who are radical and willing enough to respond to leave everything behind for the sake of bringing the good news to places he has never been.

Our world today is soaked in disorientation and lies; you can see its effect everywhere, mother’s aborting their child, fathers leaving their families behind, condoms being offered to young children. This is the twisted truth that the enemy has covered us with. And it’s very sad that most of us don’t know about this reality, this is the rough road that all of us are facing.

Given this situation what can we do?  We should all go back to the truth that the Lord has told us, He loves us and wants all the best for us. His love is like a gardener taking care of his plants, cultivating it until he bear fruits so it may be shared to others. This is his original design for all us, to grow and mature in our faith so we can share our faith to others.

Restoring God’s culture in today’s society is essential, why? If God is present in every family’s lives we will have a sense of peace. Every Christian is a missionary and every Christian’s heart is our mission land, this is our call as his fishers of men.