S.A.F.E. in Public Schools


Two public elementary schools in Quezon City opened their doors for the Subtle Attacks on the Family Explained-Introductory Training (SAFE-IT) Program of the Archdiocese of Manila.

The SAFE-IT was born to address the forces destabilizing the family. It was developed as a heed to the Pastoral Letter of His Eminence, the late Jaime L. Cardinal Sin, D.D. in 2001, which contained the subtle attacks on the family. “The SAFE-IT is a values education program in the sense that it uncovers the wrong values presented in society in general, in media, in textbooks, and presents to the participants the correct values such as family, sexuality, and respect for life,” explains Rev. Father Gregory Gaston, SAFE Program Director.  As the late Cardinal Sin pointed out, there are subtle attacks against the family which should no longer be overlooked and be indifferent about. Among these attacks are the re-definition of the concept of marriage and family, population control, new age spirituality, wrong notions on responsible parenthood, misconceptions on human sexuality, sex education in the curriculum, and the ill-effects of media.

The SAFE-IT Program consists of seven modules, namely, Demography and the Over-Population Hoax, New Age Movement: A Christ-less Spirituality, Gospel of Life and Reproductive Health, The Family in God’s Plan, The Truth and Meaning of Human Sexuality, Values (Mis-) Education in Schools, and Violence and Pornography in the Media. Each module uncovers wrong beliefs and targets specific pro-family values.

On October 27 and 28, 2010, P. Bernardo Elementary School along P. Tuazon St. in Cubao, an adopted school of CFC Foundation for Family and Life, by virtue of the Adopt-A-School Program of the Department of Education, participated in the SAFE-IT. The seminar was attended not only by the faculty members of P. Bernardo, but also present were some members of the school’s parent-teacher association. The participants gained so much from the seminar, as attested by the school principal, Ms. Maricris Suarez-Santos. Among the moves the participants aimed at, as an off-shoot of the seminar, was to integrate the values learned from the seminar in class discussions. They also saw the need to be more discerning in choosing lessons provided in textbooks, and to orient the parents about the values learned from the S.A.F.E.-IT.

On March 17 and 18, 2011, SAFE-IT was also offered in another adopted school of CFCFFL – Libis Elementary School along Boni Serrano Road, Quezon City. It was attended by the faculty members and over 100 parents of their Grades One to Six Students.

Prior to the conduct of the SAFE-IT, the CFCFFL Education Ministry has been conducting other formation sessions to the parents and teachers of our adopted schools. The CFC Kids for Family and Life likewise give their valuable share in the formation of the students. During one of the seminars conducted for the parents wherein the mis-information about the issue of over-population was discussed, the parents admitted how mis-informed they were. Others remarked that there is truly a need to raise awareness of the attacks faced by Filipino families today.

All SAFE-IT Programs undertaken by CFCFFL in schools were closely coordinated with the Archdiocese of Manila, through Fr Greg Gaston. The Archdiocese of Manila provides the resource speakers and all other materials needed for the training.

By:  CFCFFL Education Ministry