Salesian. Theologian. Friend.

If there was someone even more tireless than our Servant General, it would be our Spiritual Director Fr. Francis Gustilo, SDB. He goes around the world giving advice, showing love and imparting wisdom to all our brothers and sisters. He is also teaching our fulltime pastoral workers in one of their courses in Don Bosco Center of Studies for their Masters in Religious Studies. He is also part of the International Theological Commission. And he is doing even so much more than that for community members and non-community members. He has a heart of gold.

We are proud to call him our friend.

PS. For those wanting to go on retreat with Fr. G you can go on one from 28 April Saturday to 01 May Tuesday in Rome using the four Major Basilicas as points for reflection. It is one for the Mission Volunteers of Europe, but it is now opened to other MVs in other parts of the world like the US or even the Philippines.

So if you want to come for this retreat, please tell us immediately because we have only reserved 39 lodgings [5 rooms lodging 3 persons and 6 rooms lodging 4 persons] at the total cost of 142 euros including breakfast and supper.

Please inform the head office in Manila or Fr. G himself with this email address:

PPS. We also have an upcoming Holy Land pilgrimage with Fr. G from May 5 to 13.