SC Case on the RH Law

Peace to all.

Breaking news on the Supreme Court’s choice on the Presenters of the Oral Arguments slated on July 9. Major Presenters as follows:


·         Former Senator Francisco Tatad                –              Opening Remarks

·         Atty. Girlie Noche,                                           –              On the Right to Life, Right to Health and the Rght to file the Petitions

·         Atty. Chito Liban                                               –              On Religious Freedom, Right to Free Speech, Academic Freedom  and Involuntary Servitude

·         Former Senator  Aquilino (Nene) Pimentel Jr.-   On the Local Government Unit’s Autonomy and the Right to Equal Protection of Laws

Let us storm the heavens for guidance and protection on all the Presenters, specially our brother Chito.

Ave Maria..