Schedule of Builds and Turn-Overs

We are blessed to have a series of house and school turn-overs this summer. As follows:

RV Brampton

Brampton Build – April 21 and 29, 2012

Intellicare Build – April 28, 2012

Intellicare APE RV Brampton – April 22, 2012


RV Valenzuela

Scheduled build will be on May 2012


Turn Over

Clinic / School RV Brampton – May

School and Houses in RV Sotero Laurel – May 12

School in RV San Pedro – May / June

20 Houses for CDO Site – April 28

Houses for RV Getafe, Bohol – May 9

Houses for RV Valenzuela – June

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  1. Just realized that the Lord has blessed our WWP ministry with this much. I know more is still to come. Praise God.

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