Secrets to a Better Marriage!

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More than 400 attended the #BetterMarriage book launch. Thank you to everyone!

Shared by a couple who has been married for 61 years: “For love to endure it has to be pure!” #BetterMarriage @iwanttolivepure

The secret to 61 years of marriage? True love and a sense of togetherness. And! Be close to your in-laws! #BetterMarriage

“Instead of allowing these differences to turn into points if arguments, we supported one another to understand each other.” #BetterMarriage

“It is because of these differences that I did not rush to say yes to his marriage proposal. I waited.” #BetterMarriage

There is no such thing as a conflict-free marriage. It’s impossible. This is because of our differences.

A sharing now of a couple who have been married for more than 50 years. Amazing story of courtship!
It is a sin to have the personal choice to let the love in a marriage die! -Fr. Jude Rebaldo

One sin can wreck a marriage. Because the devil is out to destroy marriages…to destroy families.

Madali magsinungaling kahit nasa community. Pag mag-isa ka na lang, are you truly faithful to your wife/husband?

We are a co-sponsor of tonight’s book launching of Better Marriage, the newest book of Award-winning, Catholic author Fr. Jude Rebaldo.