Seeing the World Youth Congress through Twitter: Day 1

Siena Fabie-Malik ‏ @SIENkingstonWhoever this speaker is, HE MADE ME BURST INTO TEARS. ☹#WYC2012 [Jepoy Meneses was the speaker of talk 1 – ed.]

Melanie F. Santos ‏ @iamlanie22Talk 1 reminded me once again of my own love story with Jesus. My life will never be at its best if I didn’t fall in love with him.#WYC2012

Kaycee Melon ‏ @iseemelons: Floored by everything that I have witnessed tonight. Amazing GOD is amazing. So blessed to be here. #WYC2012

Jermer Cruz ‏ @jermermer: This year’s Live #WYC2012 opening act is the BEST THAT I HAVE EVER SEEN AND HAVE EXPERIENCED so far! Ang galing. Sobrang galing 🙂

Angelika Europa ‏ @heartsangel101: Tapos na ang first night ng WYC. Ang astig ni Lord! <3 #WYC2012

Jen Muñoz ‏ @heysatellite: In our love, be lifted higher. #WYC2012

Mayang Sia ‏ @Foreveryaaannng: Life in Christ, is the best life ever. #WYC2012