Seeing the World Youth Congress through Twitter: Day 2

Kaycee Melon ‏ @iseemelons: Day 2. We’ll be late for breakfast, I just know it. :))) Can’t wait to fall even more in love with CHRIST. #WYC2012

Jermer Cruz ‏ @jermermer: Day 2 of the Live #WYC2012. Nothing’s gonna hold us back. Good morning 🙂

Ino☆Sia Ox ‏ @Inooowe: 2nd day of #WYC2012 #Amazing!!

Karenina Sue F. ‏ @Kimmyliciouz: LIVE in Christ!! #WYC2012

Rainier Barcelona ‏ @Reynyiir: Sobrang saya dito. Thankyou Lord for giving me FREE WILL for me to CHOOSE you 🙂 #wyc2012

Jo Angeline Nicole ‏ @joancfrancisco: Having our unforgettable living experience with Christ here @#WYC2012

AyaJoyce(: ‏ @AyaaaLooo: To be with God, is to Live Pure. #WYC2012

Juan Carlo Javier ‏ @jocjocjavier: If you want to experience true love, mahalin mo muna si Lord.#WYC2012

Gab Toledo ‏ @gaawwb: Talks na sapul na sapul at tagos na tagos. #WYC2012

Serg Domasian ‏ @sergdomasian: Bishop Soc Villegas is here! #BrothersForum #WYC2012

Marian Sacop ‏ @maryansays: Freedom. Happiness. Love. #WYC2012

Melanie F. Santos ‏ @iamlanie22: Nakakatuwa love story ng last sharer ☺ #WYC2012 Sisters’ Forum

Liezel Ventura ™ ‏ @LiezBlahBlah: Live Pure Movement #WYC2012

Lk Doble ‏ @lkdoble: Heavenly Father I Love you, let me be ONE with YOU. #WYC2012

Rainier Barcelona ‏ @Reynyiir: Guys may confession po sa may chapel #wyc2012

Jess Barcelona ‏ @jellen87: Sobrang galing ni Lord sa mga YFL dito sa #wyc2012 Santiago city Isabela

AyaJoyce(: ‏ @AyaaaLooo: Ang saya ng 1:7 workshop! Live your Passion rocks! \m/ New friends again. 😀 #WYC2012

Jess Barcelona ‏ @jellen87: Day2 of World Youth Congress 2012 is hot here in Isabela but no complain kasi sobrang galing ni LORD sa mga YFL delegates dito.#wyc2012

Couples for Christ ‏ @CFCFFL: Take care @cfcyfl in the #wyc2012! It is 35 degrees there! Drink lots of water!

♕Kay Nuñez ‏ @elizakarlajn: The Lord never fail to make me kilig forever.

Jo Angeline Nicole ‏ @joancfrancisco: kNOw JESUS. kNOw LIFE. #WYC2012

Kaycee Melon ‏ @iseemelons: “Kasing init ng Isabela ang pagmamahal ni KRISTO.” #WYC2012

Josh Marasigan ‏ @JoshMarasigan: iSikat! Excited for Session 2! Hottest and most awesome WYC EVER!!!#WYC2012

Marian Sacop ‏ @maryansays: iSikat. District of Laguna FTW! #WYC2012

Celine ‏ @hoyalatte: FREE ICE CREAM from SELECTA! #WYC2012

Maeka Bartolome ‏ @maekabartolome: Free globe sim card #thankyouglobe free ice cream 🙂 #thankyouselectaoverflowing God’s Love #thankyouGod #WYC2012 the best 🙂

♕Kay Nuñez ‏ @elizakarlajn: Life is being in a relationship with God. #WYC2012

Josh Marasigan ‏ @JoshMarasigan: I’m living the best life ever because I met Christ! Super blessed!#WYC2012

♕Kay Nuñez ‏ @elizakarlajn: Ang taong naglalapit kay Kristo, leader yun. #WYC2012
Jermer Cruz ‏ @jermermer: Now: Session 2 of Live #WYC2012, speaker is Kuya Cocoi Javier 🙂
Melanie F. Santos ‏ @iamlanie22: Mabuhay ka Cocoi! Ganda ng sharing mo, ng talk mo! God bless you. Hope that more youth be inspired through your story. #WYC2012
Serg Domasian ‏ @sergdomasian: “Freedom is being able to do what is best in God’s standards.” – Kuya Cocoi Javier | #Session2 #WYC2012 @CFCFFL
Gab Toledo ‏ @gaawwb: Ang sarap sumayaw para kay Kristo. #WYC2012
Jermer Cruz ‏ @jermermer: Sin is not about breaking laws. When we sin, we break God’s heart.#WYC2012
Juan Carlo Javier ‏ @jocjocjavier: Often times instead of we live Christ, we leave Christ. #WYC2012
Mayang Sia ‏ @Foreveryaaannng: Its gonna be difficult, its not gonna be easy.. But keep on choosing God. #WYC2012
Serg Domasian ‏ @sergdomasian: We do not proclaim an uncrucified Christ. When we choose Christ, we also choose the cross. #WYC2012
Melanie F. Santos ‏ @iamlanie22: Once again, I said YES to You, Jesus! May you always remind me to be committed to You! Touched and moved by the Praisefest! #WYC2012
♕Kay Nuñez ‏ @elizakarlajnMy chains fell off my heart was free. I’m alive to live for you. #WYC2012
Allen Guarnes ‏ @allenguarnes: Ang sarap tumugtog para kay Kristo. All for God! #WYC2012 #Jband#Karwaje
Gabriel Luna Bangay ‏ @gabs14gabs: On Fire Level: 900000 thank Lord for Everything #WYC2012
Jill Aidasacam ‏ @kuMIKKInangako: Fellowship night’s over but God’s grace won’t be. #wyc2012
Angelika Europa ‏ @heartsangel101: Tapos na 2nd day ng WYC. Paos nako! Sarap magworship! :”>#WYC2012
Kaycee Melon ‏ @iseemelons: LIFE WITH CHRIST IS THE BEST LIFE EVER. Day 2 of #WYC2012done. Praise GOD for this beautiful weekend. 🙂
hubert howell lacsi ‏ @hubertlacsi: What a day :)) I learn how to “LIVE CHRIST”.. #wyc2012