Set on Fire

(by Bryan Frias, Live Pure USA Team Member)

You can’t set the world on fire, but you can set yourself on fire, and when you do, people from miles around will come to see you burn.


Unknown Author


            Since 2011, LIVE PURE has been preparing for its launch in the USA. With the team being spread out across the nation, planning has been a bit difficult, but through the grace of God we have been united in the same spirit, allowing us to come together and bring forth a movement that is sure to set people on fire. Truly, this is something so new and so beautiful for not only our community, but our entire nation to experience. But what exactly is Live Pure, and what kind of fire will it be igniting?


VISION: We are a Catholic movement committed to a life of purity, leading young men and women in pursuit of life’s true meaning according to their destiny in Christ.

MISSION: We are pro-life advocates striving for purity of mind, eyes, speech and body. We commit to share our conviction by giving young people opportunities to realize and live out the value of human dignity, true love and chastity.

Live Pure is a movement of young people that promotes and defends the culture of LIFE. This is not just a passing advocacy defined by the signs of the times, but rather, to Live Pure is our identity…it is at the core of who we all are. Our response to the love of Christ is at the root of what we do. That is why we breathe, we move, we think and we exist to Live Pure so as to receive LOVE Pure!


(taken from our website:

            So basically, Live Pure is just another Pro-Life/chastity program set up for the youth and singles, right? WRONG! It is WAY more than a “program.” But rather, it is a lifestyle that not only teaches and enables us to live a chaste and pure life, but to seek the Truth in all things we experience in our everyday lives. Our culture is filled with noise and commotion all around us, resulting in our youth and young adults being spoon-fed of the lies and deceit of this world. We seek fulfillment and fullness for the voids and emptiness in our hearts, but we keep turning to counterfeits and settle for things that simply “get the job done” and go on with the motions of life. There are many beliefs and choices offered to us daily, but which do we believe in and what makes a choice “right” from “wrong?” If we seek freedom to do whatever it is that makes us happy, then why do we feel incomplete and end up suffering? Why do we get ourselves caught in cycles or situations where it seems impossible to break or get out of? In all these situations mentioned, there is one thing they all have in common: they seek CHRIST. It is Christ and Christ alone who can nourish and mend the brokenness in our lives and grant us that fulfillment and freedom we seek and yearn for! It is Christ in which our answers to our every question dwells in, and it is He and He alone that can make it possible to turn our lives around for the better!


Live Pure USA held its first ever national retreat in October of 2011 in Chicago, IL. The name of the retreat: the Banquet. Like previously mentioned, it is only Christ who can fulfill our every desire and need in our lives, and He is calling each of us to this abundance of eternal happiness, to this Banquet that is set out for each of us individually! He is inviting us to participate in this banquet and to share in His treasures He longs to give us, but it is up to us whether we accept His invitation or not. We are faced with many counterfeits that appear wholesome, and because of this, the more we indulge and give in to these empty promises the more we hinder ourselves from obtaining the Truth. Fortunately, it is possible to rise above the lies and bring about a never-ending light into all areas that are dark in our lives, but it is only possible through the grace of Jesus Christ. It is until we accept His invitation in our hearts, repent from our mistakes, and offer our lives to Him in that we can rid ourselves of the counterfeits and participate in the overflowing banquet Christ has prepared for us. Live Pure: the Banquet is able to bring forth this great news and extends the invitation to all to participate in a weekend filled with talks and sharings infused with teachings from Blessed Pope John Paul II’s Theology of the Body series and emphasis on the Sacraments in the Catholic church. During the weekend, we expose the lies that we have become accustomed to and learn how to deal with challenges we may be faced with in our everyday lives (pre-marital sex, abortion, same-sex attraction, and moral relativism to name a few). But ultimately, what makes this retreat so intimate and beautiful is its emphasis of Jesus Christ through the Eucharist; it is through Jesus in the Eucharist that we can better understand the bigger picture of our lives by participating in communion with Him and being in His holy presence. We are proud and excited to announce that Live Pure will be having Echo retreats across the USA, bringing the Banquet to different areas and allowing youth and singles of all ages to experience the wonders and miracles of this amazing weekend! We just recently held a Banquet in New Jersey last month, and are excited to come to Dallas, TX, Northern CA, and Seattle, WA to name a few!


Based off of my experiences with this retreat/movement, I can honestly say that it has impacted my faith and allowed me to become stronger in all aspects of my life. Through Live Pure, I have learned so much about my faith and gained a greater love and understanding for the Sacraments in our church, the Mass, and most especially the Eucharist. My eyes have been opened to the lies all around me, and I can say that I am now able to better see Him in all things and listen to His voice more clearly in this noisy world. This movement has better equipped me with the weapons I need in fighting this good fight and faith in bringing light into the darkness and invoking His name to all who desire eternal happiness. This movement has allowed me to realize that it is possible to overcome the vices of this world, and that through Jesus Christ, anything is possible. My life is forever changed not because of this movement, but because of Christ using this movement to bring me closer to Him; for this movement is not the savior, but rather, it leads those closer to the one who saves. With Christ being present in all the planning and preparations of Live Pure USA, in the retreats, and most especially in my life from day one, I long to be with Him and look forward to the Banquet He has prepared for me when I return to Him. I have been set on fire, and there is no way of putting it out; this fire is one that cannot be extinguished, and it is one that will forever burn with conviction and perseverance in living pure to receive love in its purest form.