Set the World on Fire with Faith!

What is faith to you? That was the very first question, from the first session Firestarter, asked during the Wildfire Echo Conference in Hong Kong last May 26, 2013. Afraid to get asked to answer without a prepared response, I immediately questioned myself, “What is faith to me?” then I thought, “Faith is believing and trusting in the unknown.” Many people in the room responded to the question the same way I would’ve responded to it, and it made me realize that everyone had sort of the same idea on what faith was for them. Our ideas weren’t wrong, but Ate Joy made us understand that faith is so much more than just about trusting and believing in the unknown, in something we’re not able to see. Faith is a gift freely given to us by God. We should make use of it and respond to it by saying “yes” to God and all of his plans for us. We should live by faith and grow in it, no matter how difficult it may be.

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