(by Em-Em Napa, CFC SFL Singapore)

I just attended the World Singles Congress at La Sallette Cavite and it was truly an amazing weekend!

Just a couple of weeks before the congress, I was put to test in so many ways, most especially at work. I can honestly say that I got a little off track that I was looking forward to the weekend mainly because I wanted to ‘escape’ – hop on the plane and just shut myself off from reality.

Little did I know that that ‘escape’ would turn out to be a ‘daring’ one. Through the congress, God reminded me with so many things:

DARE TO BE MORE PATIENT AND STAY POSITIVE..AT ALL TIMES. His message was very strong and clear: “You have been with the community since your kids ministry days. I’ve given you all the chances you could get to hear Me – through congresses, camps, workshops, assemblies, etc. And yet, you are still worrying. At times, you even complain. You should know by now that I’m just here all the while. Cast everything to Me, pray and I will guide you along the way”.

DARE TO TALK TO HIM AND TO SERVE HIM MORE. “Let your idle time be your prayer time, always. Do not be contented with a 15-minute morning prayer or evening prayer until you fell off to sleep. With me, there’s never an idle/ ‘boring’ time. Also, there is a good harvest in where you are right now. I tell you to not just choose Me, but to share and let others choose Me too – at work, in serving Me through the community..everywhere you go, in everything you do”.

DARE TO BE OPEN. “My thoughts are not your thoughts. My ways are not your ways. Continue to be open with the wonderful plans I have instore for you. You are the apple of my eye. Expect the unexpected. Exciting times ahead!”

As I go back to Singapore, I bring all these ‘dare to live’ convictions with me. I know, it is not going to be easy. But there’s just one solution and that is to choose Him. And from there, everything else will follow.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you and I love you Lord!


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  1. SFL is back on its feet…for the glory of God! Hope the teachings will reach all SFL areas in America…New Jersey is waiting, Xavs, Pat & Santi, we miss you in Singles!!!

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