SHARINGS from ISABELA on the Live Pure Seminar last March 2011

[Last March, the Live Pure Movement went to Isabela to give forums to Public High Schools all over the province. A project with the Sangguniang Kabataan. This August, the Live Pure Movement will go back to Isabela to reach all the remaining Public High Schools. Sign up at]

What is love? Love is an emotion of strong affection and personal attachment. It brings happiness to us.  Without love, life is meaningless. It’s God’s gift and we must treasure it. Let us not cheapen love.

Last March, Live Pure Movement visited our province, Isabela and gave a Chastity Forum. This event made me realize that the decision to love is not something you can make after just one night. Don’t put love in a hurry. If he really loves you, he will wait until you are ready to love him back. As they said: “True love waits”.

– Jessua Flores YFL Cauayan, Isabela


True love can wait. Acting on your emotions is not enough.  It cannot give you satisfaction or relief. For the guys out there, purify your mind from lustful thoughts for the body is the temple of God. For girls like me, reserve your virginity for the right time. If not, there’s plenty of time to gain it back. Be chaste, don’t waste. Together, we live pure.

– Annabella Rumbaoa YFL Cauayan, Isabela


Two words says it all, “LIVE PURE”. After the chastity forum, I realized how important the temple of the Holy Spirit – my body, is. Living pure should not simply be said, it should be lived out – physically, mentally and socially. I can have fun without drinking alcohol, cigarettes or any vices. I can live happy and simply without being in an exclusive relationship at my age. I’m contented without engaging in premarital sex. I can express my thoughts without green jokes or bad words coming out from my mouth. I’m not less of a person if I don’t engage in some things that my friends are doing. Most especially, I realized how happy I am, taken by God, just Him – no more, no less. Living with Him is so much greater than having parties my whole life. I’m convicted to serve the Lord and trust in His plans. I don’t need to rush to experience some things but just let Him do the job and it will be done in His perfect time and place. I realized that my life can’t be filled with pleasures, whims, and caprices but will be filled through experiencing God’s love and greatness. All of us are meant to live with him. All of us are meant to LIVE PURE because all of us are meant to live for so much more.

– Guia Eguia, YFL Cauayan, Isabela


Most people my age, 15 years, have a hard time to live pure, because being chaste is like struggling to solve a complicated math problem. You keep trying to solve it over and over again, searching for answers in the wrong places, and end up having so much scratch paper. I’m glad kuya EJ helped me realize that the solution is just a prayer away. God provides us different formulas such as, “Free your mind”, “Chit Chat Chaste”, and “Don’t haste be chaste” that I honestly and sincerely use right now. So to live pure is a struggle no more, because I learned the perfect formula to live a chaste life, and that is to be with God.

– Matet Mangabat, YFL Cauayan, Isabela