(Part 121)


October 26, 2016

Today’s reading:  Ephesians 6:1-9

Here is perhaps the most important thing a servant leader ought to always keep in mind. Servant leaders are “slaves of Christ” (Eph 6:6b). You are no longer your own, looking to your own well-being, following your own agenda (though you claim to be following Christ’s agenda), keeping your own time and pace, holding back due to comfort or convenience. You are a slave, having no rights, doing only what God wants you to do, and not expecting to be thanked or acclaimed.

In particular, slaves of Christ are those:

* “doing the will of God from the heart” (Eph 6:6c). They are totally obedient to God. They share from their very inmost being. They give their whole heart into their service to God.

* “willingly serving the Lord and not human beings” (Eph 6:7). They know they serve God and not man, and not the human leaders over them. They will always do what is pleasing to God, even if that might be displeasing to their leaders.

* “knowing that each will be requited from the Lord for whatever good he does” (Eph 6:8). They look only to God for approval or consolation, and not to human acclaim. They are confident that God will not be outdone in generosity, and that their heavenly reward is assured.

* “serving “not only when being watched, as currying favor” (Eph 6:6a). They have no personal agenda. They work hard even beyond the call of duty. They serve not to be recognized or acclaimed. They seek only to satisfy God and not their human leaders.

Now in the Church and communities such as CFC-FFL, Jesus acts through his chosen instruments. Thus there are servant leaders, and leaders over leaders. They act in the name and interest of Christ. Thus, for the proper functioning of the body, they are to be looked upon as one would look to Christ himself. “Slaves, be obedient to your human masters with fear and trembling, in sincerity of heart, as to Christ” (Eph 6:5).

Leaders of course should know that they themselves are also slaves of Christ. There is only one Master. They stand in his place and in his name and authority, but must also serve with the compassion of Jesus. “Masters, act in the same way toward them, and stop bullying, knowing that both they and you have a Master in heaven and that with him there is no partiality.” (Eph 6:9). In fact, such leaders over leaders will be held to greater account.

*     *     *