Sogod, Leyte

(by Pat Oconer, CFC FFL Work with the Poor)

The past months has been a big blessing for the kids of Sogod, Leyte. The generosity of Bro. Sanjie Gan and his family has allowed us to use their facility to start the BATA program, around 17 kids from the nearby baranggay were the ones who benefited from this effort.

Thank God that through the initiative of CFC FFL WWP USA, and the generosity of brothers and sisters in the USA, now we are seeing kids enjoying, learning, and discovering their God given talents through the different programs that we are doing under the BATA program.

We all have something to give, we are all blessed to enjoy life to the full. As parents, we all desire to give the best for our kids, even sometimes sacrificing our wants, so that we can provide for our children. The Lord has been generous to us, we are all blessed, but some people fail to experience what is due for them, the poor and the marginalized, not because they are not being blessed by God, but because people who are blessed fail to recognize the abundance God is giving them, and as a result, fail to share to those who are in need.

I thank the Lord that in the efforts that we are doing, more and more kids will have a more secure future. CFC FFL Work with the Poor aims to provide a sustainable community development programs, where there is no one in need. I honor everyone for taking part on this very special task of sharing Jesus to the kids of Sogod, I am sure the Lord is very much pleased seeing His children helping one another. We are all blessed and we can be a blessing, we just have to regularly recognize that bounty God is blessing us everyday.