Song: Be the Change

An original composition by one of our CFC SFL fulltime workers, Kuh Belarmino. Inspired by her experience of World Youth Day.

“BE THE CHANGE” song lyrics
 by Kuh Belarmino
Verse 1:
You pray, you hope, you’ve seen
How great and majestic – He can be
He turns all your dreams into reality
It’s unfolding before my eyes
The works of Your hand
You place a seed of faith
And now I am found
Be the Change
Oh, be the change
My heart belongs to you
And I will give it all away
I’ll take the stand
To shout Your praise
How can I be silent
Great is your love!
Verse 2:
Lead me to Your people
And I will speak about Your grace
Everything that’s not for Your glory
Father, take it now
Bless me and use me
I’ll move in your command
Whatever you want from me
I’ll be giving it up
(Repeat Chorus)

Everything is Grace (2x)

My Jesus you are Grace (2x)
Everything is Grace

Jesus you are Grace

(Repeat Chorus 2x)