South Luzon Moving Forward with the Family Ministries

(by Joanna Oliva, SFL Fulltime Pastoral Worker)

Last Saturday, February 25, 2012, CFC Family Ministries Servants and Coordinators together with South Luzon Young Ministries Fulltime workers and Bob Murga (Family Ministries Head and recently assigned Philippine Country Servant) gathered in Tagaytay to attend the Usapang Fam Min.  The Usapang Fam Min aims to conduct a deeper appreciation for the Family Ministries and introduce the 4 new programs and tools for evangelization of the Family Ministries namely Live Pure Movement, Work with the Poor, Liturgical Bible Study, and Corporate Evangelization.

Each province had an opportunity to plan as an area on which of these programs they want to implement and strengthen in their respective provinces. All are now excited to try out these new tools of evangelization. Each group evaluated the different needs of their area and identified potential parishes, schools and companies to tap to introduce Live Pure Movement, Work with the Poor, LBS and Corporate Evangelization. Most of the provinces are already asking for support and help from the CFCFFL Home Office for scheduled trainings for the upcoming months. They are looking at the first half of 2012 to train the servant leaders of different provinces and full implementation on the second half of the year.

South Luzon plays a major role in evangelization of Luzon because the good 79% of the CFC and Family Ministries population of Luzon is in South Luzon. Over 200 Servants from different provinces of South Luzon participated in the said activity. This number signifies a good number of servant leaders committed in serving and evangelizing the rest of Luzon.

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