(Eya Verzonilla, CFC Singles for Family and Life)

To be honest, it was hard for me to put into words what I have experienced of World Youth Day. But I never stop sharing the great privileged of experiencing God through the people I am with and the people that I have met. Now I am always unstoppable when people starts asking how was my experience of my first World Youth Day. I guess expecting the unexpected and knowing that God can do things in my life beyond my wildest imagination is amazing. For me everything was considered great surprises from our great God.

The opportunity to meet wonderful and very warm people from the village of Sierra de Fuentes and how we become one family was really amazing. I still couldn’t believe how God been so amazing in allowing us not to feel so much of homesickness for the first few days. Those weeks were full of laughter and sharing of lives to other people most specially the faith that we believe, the virtues we strongly hold on and trying to achieve.

It also amazes me that God has brought us to Our Lady of Fatima in Portugal. How can I describe and put into words or rather use the proper words to describe my experience? All I can say is I felt holiness of that place, I felt Mama Mary was really celebrating the Holy Mass with us and I felt speechless because of too much joy of being in that place where she made her apparition. I am joyful and thankful to God for that unexplainable feeling.

As we head to Madrid, it was a quiet time for me and God. I told Him to help me see Him through all the people and experiences that I will have during the World Youth Day in Madrid. There were a lot of things expected to happen, long walks, long hours of waiting, intense heat of the sun etc. But everything was disregarded because just being reminded that a lot of believers who would like to be in our place, I was speechless and yet very thankful.

One of the long awaited in the WYD was to see the Holy Father in person. Regardless of all the expected and unexpected situations, upon seeing the Pope, we are left joyful, peaceful and speechless. No one spoke right away. The feeling was unexplainable.

In the vigil with the Holy Father at Cuanto Vientos Air Base, I am amazed by the millions of people gathered together as one Roman Catholic Family. I felt we are one in God, I felt God was truly within us. And as we kneel before our God all I could tell HIM…. “You made me speechless.”

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