(Part 9)


November 27, 2014

The liberals and progressives in the Church cite mercy and compassion as the reason for reaching out to the poor and the marginalized. Mercy and compassion of course are very Christian traits, which we should all strive to live out. But the liberals extend this principle to the whole area of human sexuality, in particular to those who are in cohabitation, to the divorced and remarried, and to same-sex couples. In extending mercy and compassion, the liberals want to bend backwards to accommodate such Catholics, in effect going against the age-old moral teaching of the Church.

So let us look at mercy. We are quite familiar with the corporal works of mercy. But we are less familiar with the spiritual works of mercy. These are:

1.To instruct the ignorant.

2.To counsel the doubtful.

3.To admonish sinners.

4.To bear wrongs patiently.

5.To forgive offences willingly.

6.To comfort the afflicted.

7.To pray for the living and the dead.

Now that is interesting. The very first three spiritual works of mercy are directly relevant to how we are to deal with Catholics who are in sin (cohabiting, divorced and remarried outside the Church, in same-sex relationships). If they are ignorant of Christian moral truth, we are to instruct them. If they, due to the deception of homosexualist forces and liberal media, are doubtful about what is right or wrong, then we are to counsel them. And if they are in sin (which they are), then we are to admonish them.

What we are not to do is to say that their situation is all right. Or not to say anything at all. Or to be nice and accommodating as to their sin. This is false mercy. In the end, it is destructive, because to allow someone in serious sin to remain as such is to consign that person to eternal damnation.

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