Splagchnizomai: The Urgency to Evangelize

Splagchnizomai: The Urgency to Evangelize

Reflection on the book “Fishers of Men”
by Miguel Magtibay

We all are blessed by the Lord in each everyday of our lives. We see nature’s beauty as a reminder of God’s artistic taste, we see the stars at the sky to be in awe of God’s endless power, and we feel, in our hearts, the love the Father gives to us as we wake up and start the day. What makes this more special is that this love grows each and every day, filling us with undeserved grace. All of these is true as we wake up and go on with our day-to-day lives; however, the Lord isn’t done just by providing for us grace, for this grace given to us must be given to others as well.

As God’s people, we are called to share this love to the ends of the Earth. We must also understand that we are called to share this love not tomorrow, not next month, not next year, not even  when you’re ready, but now. We see in our world today that chaos is spreading across the globe. We see deceiving of the lost, persecution of the last, and oppression of the least; moreover, what’s worse is that evil will not stop until the world sees not God anymore but itself, that the world is alone. If we don’t get the feeling of “splagschnizomai”, the urgency to act with great compassion, then who will fill the world with light? Who then will catch men and women from the depths of despair? Must we wait for a champion, one we can say has the full qualifications of a Christian, to lead us back?

We always have that wish. “Sana maging matino ang kabataan ngayon.” “Sana may gumawa ng paraan para sa mahihirap”,  “Sana may tumulong sa mga nangangailangan.” We hear this over and over again, and we continue to wait for that champion to rise to the occasion. While thinking about this I’ve come to realize and in end asked myself “Why don’t i do it instead?”, a scary thought. It may be overwhelming, and even be scary. If there’s one thing i’d like to tell you today, coming from “Fishers of men”, if we do this task alone, we will fall. With God however, we will reel in the great catch.

Go now, fearless and with haste. The Lord is with us.