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Through our 31 years, we have clearly seen God’s hand in the life and mission of CFC. God worked in stages, and we can categorize these stages according to decades.


DECADE OF 1980s (1981-1990) — Establishing the foundation and being formed according to God’s intent.

* 1981 — founded in Manila.

* 1984 — CFCFI incorporated.[1]

* 1990 — looking to growth in the decade of the 1990s.


DECADE OF 1990s (1991-2000) — Growth and expansion.

* Decade of rapid, massive and worldwide evangelization.

* 1993 — split from LNP and re-founding.[2]

* 1993 — establishment of Family Ministries.

* 2000 — looking to the work of the Third Millennium.


DECADE OF 2000s (2001-2010) — Decline and crisis.

* 2001 — from highest membership of 1.2M, steady downward decline every year.

* 2003 — launch of GK777.

* 2007 — crisis and split; restoration and establishment of CFC-FFL.

* 2010 — looking to the crossroad. Where is God bringing us?


DECADE OF 2010s (2011-2020) — Deeper into the heart of the Catholic Church, through the New Evangelization.

* 2011 — Live Christ, Share Christ movement; generic evangelization.

* 2013 and following — ???

* 2020 — hopefully have a 20-20 vision for our continuing life and work, until the Lord returns once again.


2021 — 500 years of Christianity in the Philippines.

* What will CFC have finally evolved into?

* How prepared would CFC-FFL be to face the challenges of the end times according to God’s original intent?


We have been very blessed in being called to CFC, and given the privilege of doing God’s very own work, in these crucial times of the third millennium. We look at what God has done, and we look forward with hope and joy to what lies ahead.


[1] Couples for Christ Foundation Inc (CFCFI) is the original CFC corporation. This is the corporation of CFC-FFL.

[2] With re-founding, CFC could now pursue its authentic calling, that of massive evangelization, which was being stifled under LNP.

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