Stills that Move

In preparation for our CFC FFL’s Community Conference in January, we invite you to take a shot, inspire and share your Stills That Move.

This week’s topic is What It Means To Be One.

This is why a man leaves his father and mother and becomes attached to his wife, and they become one flesh. Gen. 2:24

God intended it from the very beginning that a man and a woman become one flesh such that before Eve arrived, Adam who had the whole world in his hands was still sad, feeling incomplete and empty.

The root of the family is the couple. The man who in his great love for his wife totally gives himself to the spouse becoming a husband and the wife out of selfless love gives herself fully to the man becoming a wife. And in their giving of themselves they become one and produce an offspring who is the fruit of their love. The man who has become the husband becomes a father and the woman who has become the wife is now a mother.

For this theme, we ask you to post pictures that tell the story of how God intended man and woman to be one and from their unity springs forth life.  You may also include stills that depict the family being of one spirit and mind united in love.

Some important reminders: NO watermarks allowed, DO send an original picture with a caption / description on how it answers the topic (our editors will edit your write-ups so don’t stress about it), and information about the photographer and equipment used.

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