Strike Out to the Far Horizon

Strike Out to the Far Horizon

Reflection on the book “Fishers of Men”
by Maan Garcia

There is no other greater calling we are called for than to evangelize. He is calling us to strike out to the far horizon. And Christ alone is all we need as our compass and the wind of the spirit to guide everyone in the mission we are called to do.

In doing His work, God is telling us to put ourselves a short distance from the shore. We can easily evangelize people who are somewhat has relationship with God. But those people who are closest to us are the ones who are difficult for us to evangelize. And that is what I realized on the words short distance. They are very near to us. A few steps to get there but once we do the last step, we turned back. We are too afraid of rejection. God is reminding us to never wait for them to seek God.

Truly, the work of God is urgent and it demands immediate and active response. We should not postpone our decision and actions. When we do God’s work, we put our heart and mind into it. We give the best of ourselves to fulfill what God wants to accomplish through us. To understand the Gospel, we have to live it. To understand God, we have to live Him. Yes, the things of God are only understood by living them.

Being a laborer for the Lord’s vineyard is a call to a life of self-sacrifice – emptying of oneself for the greater calling. Working for Jesus is willing to accept the cross and carry it to the end. Willing to serve and work at the background. He is not afraid to preach that Jesus is the way of the cross. The true prophet shows the way to the cross.

To strike out to the far horizon, we must pattern our hearts to the very heart of Jesus.

Our hearts must be pure, a pure heart will speak good words to people. A pure heart will not look for mistakes from others. A pure heart will not make excuses to do God’s will. And only through the purity of heart we can see God.

Our hearts must be clean, a clean heart will perform honest and worthy works.

Our hearts must be full of love, a loving heart does not get tired of serving and working for the salvation of the Beloved.

Following the Lord means being vulnerable because surrendering yourself to the Lord often means that we will be hurt or rejected, or have to suffer in one way or another. Everyone enters in a narrow gate; And being narrow and constricted requires sacrifice and effort, self-giving, self-denial and the rejection of human comfort and the easy way out. The narrow gate may mean forgiving without counting the cost, helping without expecting any reward, living simply in total dependence on God, assisting people who make our life difficult and carrying our cross after Jesus. Blessings always entail sacrifices. To achieve is to work harder. To aim higher is to strive more.

Whoever we are, whatever we have, we can do something for the Lord. We are called and chosen by God to be fishers of men, to take care of the multitude of believers. We work to win people for God, not to make them loyal to us. We labor to build up God’s people not to create our own fan’s club. We must give ourselves to God and to His people, not to receive something from them or use them for our purpose. Our calling is radical! Our calling needs limitless faith and love!