THE BODY OF CHRIST (Mission in Corpus Christi, Texas)

(by Teny Mardo, MPC Missionary)

I was told that there’s going to be a weekend mission in Corpus Christi, a coastal city in the South of Texas. Immediately, i felt excited to saying yes and so i did! From the day i said yes until the weekend mission, i started praying about it and to all the people God will entrust to us in the Christian Life Seminar [CLS].

My trip from Houston to that place was a blessing. From not having any available ride to go with, to thinking of taking a bus going to the mission area [because all the mission team’s car were filled already], i was surprised how God made a brother from CFC-SFL said yes to this mission too! God really takes care of His servants and workers!

When the first hour of mission started, God allowed me to appreciate how He calls each part of His “body” to work! Brethren from McAllen, Dallas and Houston were all present with their smiles, welcoming faces and energetic welcoming gestures to all the more than 100 participants who came. We had couples who attended with their kids who are still toddlers, KFL aged, youth aged and those who are single parents and widowers too came. We had a diversity of people who arrived on that day with so much hunger to know Christ and serve Him afterwards. The CLS was held in the St. Peter, Prince of the Apostles Catholic Church. We were welcomed by the ever vibrant and very spiritual pastor, Mons. Morgan Rowsome.

We had a very long first day, giving CLS sessions 1 to 6 with discussions and one to ones. But i felt how the Holy Spirit sustained us all. The Holy Spirit sustained the “body of Christ” so we can end the whole day encouraging everyone to receive the Sacrament of the Reconciliation and receiving Christ in the Holy Eucharist afterwards. The service team of the CLS was asked to sing in the mass, and it really brought life and joy to everyone who attended the anticipated mass. I saw how the whole congregation was singing and worshiping God joyfully while the whole mass was on going.

The next day and the last day of the mission allowed us to be more prayerful and more centered in Christ and the presence of the Holy Spirit. It was the day of receiving the power of the Holy Spirit. Each facilitator had their stations. I was given mine too. I had 5 members and on the 4th one, after the whole praying over, she opened her eyes and told me that our prayer area really smelled good. And i silently just said, “Thank you, Lord!”

All the participants who went back on the last day were encouraged to come back next week for their commitment to be part of CFC-FFL for that area and the parish. As of the moment, we do not have any figure how many are going back but this is what I know in my heart, that whether they go back or not, i believe their lives will never be the same again!

I saw couple participants crying during the worship and kissing their wives after, i saw single parents thanking God for their lives and all things they went through in their families during our group discussions and i saw faces that carried smiles and hopes after the 2-day session. With this i say, the “body of Christ” just worked in Corpus Christi, Texas! I believe that God is at work to all those individuals who participated in this mission.

God personally amazed me of His greatness during this weekend mission, from the simple ride He gave me to go to the mission area, to allowing me to see and experienced the change of hearts i’ve seen during the weekend mission to all those who went and participated!  This made my conviction stronger  for my Christ, that I will never say no to any mission invitation! I will never allow myself not to be part of the BODY OF CHRIST!  And will never miss a day without sharing who Christ is in my life!

Psalm 37:4 “Delight yourself in the Lord, He will give you [all] your heart’s desires!”


[While CLS Session is ongoing.]


My discussion group members.


[With Mons. Morgan Rowsome while we are holding the book he wrote and gave each one of the service team.]


[The Corpus Christi, TX CLS Graduates with Mons. Morgan! More than 80 individuals.]


[The service team from Dallas, McAllen and Houston.]