The Books of our Servant General – Based on Core Values

Here is a listing of our Servant General’s books that are directly related to our core values.

Centered on Christ

A Future Full of Hope

Amazing Truths that will Change your Life

Focused on Christ

Following Christ



Evangelistic and missionary

Facing the Future

Fishers of Men (on person-to-person evangelization)

Fulfilling the Mandate

Renewing the Face of the Earth

Witnesses to the Ends of the Earth

Focused on the family

Families in the Holy Spirit

Females are Fabulous (on husband-wife relationship)

Being community

A Covenant with God

Forty Days in the Strength of God

Forty Days of Lamentations

Forty Days with Job

Showing His Power and Majesty


Preferential option for the poor

Bringing Glad Tidings to the Poor

Forty Days with the Poor

Freeing the Captives

Servant leadership

Friend or Foe? Fighting the Enemy Within

Servant Leadership

Being a servant to the Church

Forty Days with Mary

Forty More Days with Mary

Mary and the CFC-FFL Core Values

Mary in the Work of Evangelization and Family Renewal


You can get them at the FFL SHOPPE or through Amazon.