The Call of “Come to Me”

The Call of “Come to Me”

Country Servants meeting, June 27 2011

Recollection by the Servant General


God calls. This is very special. It is a great privilege.


3 well-known calls:

1)  Isaiah. Is 6:1-7,8a,9a.

2)  Jeremiah. Jer 1:4-10.

3)  Mary. Lk 1:26-38.


All 3 were dramatic, awesome.

For us, this is not the case. But still, it is God who calls.

Even though we are unworthy.

Unclean (Isaiah); young, not know how to speak (Jeremiah); low-born (Mary).

This is the mystery of God’s choice. In fact, God favors the lowly. 1 Cor 1:26-29.

What then happens depends on our response.


Essential dimensions of Jesus’ call to come:

1)  2 disciples of John the Baptist. Jn 1:35-39. Call to stay with Jesus.

2)  Crowd doing ritual of taking water from Siloam. Jn 7:37-39a. Call to drink of Spirit.

3)  Disciples at Last Supper. Jn 15:4-11. Call to remain in Jesus’ love.


Specific assurances of Jesus’ call:

1)  Jn 1:39. Come and see. Jesus will reveal himself.

2)  Peter on the water. Mt 14:29. Faith and empowerment.

3)  Mt 11:28. Rest and assurance of being co-yoked with Jesus.

4)  Mt 22:4b. Feast. Bountiful blessings, then eternity in heaven.

5)  Mt 25:21. At the end, share the Master’s joy.


Essential dimensions are connected with our Core Values.


Core Value Expressed by Essential dimension
Centered on Christ Daily prayer, God’s word Stay with Jesus
Eucharist and confession Drink of the Spirit
Marriage based on loveof Christ for Church Remain in God’s love
Focused on the family Jesus lives in the home Stay with Jesus
Unity and love and service.Communication. Forgiveness. Drink of the Spirit
Home built onChristian principles Remain in God’s love
Being Community Households Stay with Jesus
Life and service Drink of the Spirit
Formation. Unity. Remain in God’s love


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