The CFC FFL Apostolic Board (2015)

My dear brethren, I am appointing herewith, effective immediately, the members of the Apostolic Board, as follows:

(1) Lachie Agana (being the Country Servant)
(2) Eric Bravo
(3) Jun Caramat
(4) Ricky Celino
(5) Nonong Contreras
(6) Mimi David
(7) Maribel Descallar
(8) Bobbie Laguitao
(9) Pancho Lopez-Tan
(10) Jepoy Meneses
(11) Ed Mondigo and
(12) Xavy Padilla.
The AB Chair is our bro Nonong Contreras.
Please keep these brethren in your constant prayers, so that they will be filled with wisdom and the Holy Spirit, as they assist me in guiding and steering the course of our life and mission.
God bless you all.


(1) Helps safeguard the charism and vision.

(2) Upon the direction of the SG, formulates policies, principles, structures, formation modules, ministries and directions that are for worldwide implementation; may on their own initiative recommend to the SG the formulation of a policy or other aspect for the good of the life and mission of the community.

(3) Acts as a Body of Counselors (BoC) to the SG.

(4) Helps as needed in the development of Training Centers to support the work of the movements.

(5) May veto a proposed initiative of the SG by two-thirds vote.

(6) Participates in the election of the SG.