The Equation of a Missionary

The Equation of a Missionary

Reflection on the book “Fishers of Men”
by EJ Aguila 

This book is so prophetic with our servant general speaking about unity in one purpose of catching men for God in different ways or charism. Evangelization is my call, duty and privilege as a missionary. It is a command by “The Commissioner” himself and my response to this call gives me participation to his salvific work. This reality is so amazing and that always starts with God’s initiative and followed with my yes.

In sharing His love through evangelization it is affirming to know that every creature has a longing for his Creator. We must not wait for people to seek God. We must never give up on people. We must go out massively and rapidly with urgency. This is also making the most out of our lives as fishers of men.

God uses ordinary people like us in extraordinary ways and the only requirement is our real openness to God’s action in our lives. If only we make ourselves available in His hands as instruments of His love, the anointed servant do not have to rely on his own capabilities or resources. God will provide for his needs.

God calls us to evangelize in the ordinary circumstances of our daily lives. We evangelize by sharing about the good news of Jesus Christ in our own day to day lives. Everyday deserves to be the best day of our lives with us catching men for the Lord and He arranges opportunities to make it happen. But we need to act on it. This re-affirms what our Catholic faith teaches which is faith and work. That in claiming salvation we need to believe in it and proclaim it to others. As mentioned in one of our classes in Don Bosco before, in every revelation of God there should always be faith and action. God requires our efforts as he calls us to become his co-workers.

Relying on our wisdom or ways is always a mistake for one should rely only to the Master Fisherman. We are fishers of men not a fisher of men and so we are not alone in this call, we have our co-workers. We are like instruments in the orchestra that is led by the Divine Conductor and so we need to work as a team as one family of God’s army. Our army should expect a great catch for we have a great God.

This book is also a great reminder as a missionary to guard myself not to seek too much personal comfort but to go the extra mile and take the leap of faith in going out of my comfort zone. Not falling into pride but living a life of humility. Not to box God in my own limitations but always standing in awe that He is unlimited and that nothing is impossible with the Master Fisher. Not to be fearful but to be fearless as I take faith and courage and say, “I’ll do it anyway.” Not to be stagnant in spirituality but to never stop growing in love with him. I am a disciple and so I am a learner. Not in getting attached to things but sharing my time, talent and treasure to others knowing that it all came from God and so I am to give all back for His greater glory. Not in selfishness but in a life of sacrifice laying them down at the foot of his cross. This is all for the praise, reverence, honor and service of the Master Fisher and for the salvation all.

Again this is my declaration: “that I will serve God for the rest of my life.” I am a missionary and I will deny myself, take up my cross and follow him, as said in Mark 8:34.

Equation of a Missionary is: