The Fight Has Just Started II

Sen Escudero said the time has come for healing to take place now that the controversial bill has been approved.


What is it? Just one other bill that is debated and then voted on, and then let us all move on once it is approved or defeated? NO! The RH bill is a diabolical bill that will spawn immorality, break up the family, threaten life, assault religious freedom, boost corruption, bring more HIV/AIDS, cause illness to women, weaken the economy. It is devastating for life, for the family and for the nation. The travails of our beloved nation are just beginning!


The RH Bill is just the first bolo hack at the body. The wielder (world powers under Satan) will continually strike, until they have delivered a death blow. So how can we speak of healing after this first wound? We must instead speak of protecting the body from further blows.


Bearing this first wound at our defeat, let us resolve to fight even more tenaciously. Let us not slink off to lick our wounds, nor be discouraged, not just curse the darkness, nor just move on to other matters. This remains the fight of this third millennium. Let us focus our energies on the defense and furtherance of the culture of life.


God bless the Philippines!