The Fight Has Just Started IV

Congressman Lagman said, in reference to the vote for the RH Bill, that the voice of the people is the voice of God.


Americans re-elected Obama, the most pro-abortion President ever, after the Democratic Convention shouted loudly to remove God from their platform.

Filipinos elected PNoy, even as he had said that he was pro-RH, now reaping the fruit of that folly.

Jews shouted loudly “Crucify him” and sent Jesus to die on the cross.


No, Cong Lagman, the RH vote was not the will nor voice of God, for God will not be for anything intrinsically evil. However, God did allow it. God allowed Satan to win that round. God allowed you to win this round.


Jesus went to the cross and died. Hell rejoiced. You are rejoicing now.

Jesus rose on the third day, defeating Satan and darkness and death. We look to God’s victory for the culture of life.


God bless the Philippines.