The Fight Has Just Started IX

PNoy says anti-RH groups had not put forward a viable solution to the runaway population growth. “At the end of the day, what I heard from RH bill opponents is that they don’t suggest that if you have a problem, here’s the solution. They always say, ‘you can’t do that, you can’t do this, you can’t do everything.'”


This is your basic error, Mr President. You consider population growth as a problem when it is not. How can we put forward a solution to something that is not a problem? On the other hand, we have clearly explained why population growth is not a bane but a boon, how some nations in the world are now regretting their population reduction policies as they face demographic winter, how economists look to strong economic development for our nation due precisely to our large young population. We have explained that the problem is not runaway population but congestion in the cities, and that we have lots of productive land but hampered by underdevelopment, that the problem is not population but corruption.


Oh by the way, you committed corruption when you and your minions used pork barrel and other threats on the Congressmen. So much for daang matuwid.


PNoy: “The issue has been divisive for too long; the time has come to put the matter to rest.” You don’t get it. This is not just one other bill where opposite sides fight tenaciously but at the end make a decision and then just move on to other matters. (1) We know that the other matters pro-RH will move on to are divorce, abortion and same-sex marriage. Anti-life forces are not done. Neither are we. (2) The fight between the culture of life and the culture of death is THE fight of the third millennium. It involves diabolical global forces against God and His plan for humanity. You have sided with Satan. We side with God. (3) This RH bill/law will wreak havoc on faith, family and life. It will mean the destruction of Judeo-Christian morality. It will open up our nation to the tsunami of evil. You fight for Obama and global neo-colonialist, radical feminist, homosexualist forces. We fight for God, family and life.


RH bill too divisive? That is probably the only correct insight you have had. Your moves have just widened and deepened the chasm of division. The fight has just started.


God bless the Philippines!