The Fight Has Just Started V

Pnoy calls for unity after RH bill approval. He said his administration was not an enemy of those against the measure. He said he is hoping all sides could move on and continue to be united.


You don’t get it, do you, Mr President?


Reproductive health is intrinsically evil, and we can never accept nor compromise with you on this.


United? You caused this division. You could see it was divisive. It even split your Party of Death down the middle. But you rammed it through, committing corruption in the process. No, we are not united. Light and darkness are poles apart.


Move on? You mean to your next pro-death advocacy, such as the divorce bill? We know contraceptives are just the first step. Later will come divorce, abortion and same-sex marriage. You have sold your soul to western forces that promote the culture of death.


Not the enemy? You Mr President are indeed the enemy. You are the enemy of God, of the family and of life. You are the enemy of the Filipino people. As such, we will continue to oppose you. And we will oppose whatever diabolical laws are passed.


The fight has just started. God bless the Philippines!