The Fight Has Just Started VII

Bicam passes RH bill.


Senator Pia Cayetano: “It is not a perfect bill. There are a lot of things I would still like to achieve …. I’d like to believe that this is the best we could come up with at this time.” The global pro-RH forces will stop at nothing less than abortion on demand, enshrining it as a universal human right. Knowing that they just need to get their toe in the door, they will be happy with any form of RH bill, as long as contraceptives will be legalized. Thus it was no problem for them to keep accepting amendments, as long as these did not infringe on RH standards, such as “safe and satisfying sex.” From then it becomes a slippery slope. Abortion inevitably follows.


Senator Tito Sotto said he made sure the possibility of abortion being allowed in the country surreptitiously through the RH bill would not happen. (I commend Senator Sotto for his heroic defense of life.) Senator Miriam Santiago ruled out any possibility of abortion being allowed in the country. “Abortion, never. I am a very avid supporter of RH, ….” You don’t get it, ma’am. Abortion follows contraception as surely as night follows day. Legal contraception entrenches the so-called contraceptive mentality. Sex is recreational and not for procreation. Children are unwanted. So people use contraception to prevent pregnancy. But since the failure rate of contraceptives is about 15%, then more sexual activity results in more unwanted pregnancies. Now a child was not wanted in the first place. What then is the next move? Duh, go figure.


RH education will be given to adolescents or children between the ages of 10 and 19. Global pro-RH forces will not stop at 10, but will go for as young as 5 or younger. But even 10 is still the age of innocence (very difficult though in today’s wired world). This is still the period of latency. Global pro-RH forces want more sexual activity, not even just for teen-agers but also for pre-teens. More sex = more contraceptives = more pregnancies = more abortions = more money for foreign multinationals. Are you getting it now? Global pro-RH forces want to rob our children of their childhood, of their virginity, of their morality, of their health, of their future.


Minors need written consent of parents for full access to RH services, but minors who are already sexually active no longer need to secure such written consent. Want to bypass parental authority? Just go have sex.


Iloilo Representative Janette Garin: “The common goal of everybody was to come up with a legislative measure that will really answer the need of the Philippines.” OK, we’re still waiting for such a legislative measure. With the RH bill, what the nation gets is corruption, immorality, licentiousness, family breakdown, disunity, darkness and evil. Madame Garin, the only one whose need these things answer is Satan.


RH bill is now ready for PNoy’s signature, possibly before Christmas. Yes, thank you very much for your Christmas gift, Mr President. God is the Author of Life, and Jesus who was the product of an unplanned (by Joseph and Mary) pregnancy by an unwed teen-ager is going to be born. PNoy celebrates the coming of Life itself with the RH bill of death.


The fight is not over. The spiritual war rages even more. We oppose the RH bill, the RH law, any RH initiatives. The fight has just started.


God bless the Philippines.