The Fight Has Just Started VIII

PNoy: “The enemy was strong, noisy, organized and had deep pockets … but as I have always said, there is nothing that can stop Filipinos who are marching in the right direction.” “The fundamental principle of this law is unequivocal: We want health benefits within reach of everyone, rich or poor, because every Filipino’s life is sacred.” Is this PNoy talking pro-life while assailing the strong moneyed pro-RH lobby?


No such luck. He was talking about the “sin tax” law.


PNoy signed the “sin tax” law to help liberate “more Filipinos from the vices of smoking and drinking.” But who will liberate the Filipino nation from the scourges of sexual licentiousness, contraception, valueless sex education, eventual abortion, active homosexuality, STDs and HIV/AIDS, and imperialist neo-colonialism of western powers?


Oh yes, PNoy intends to sign the “sin” RH bill into law. Rather than liberate us, the RH law will enslave Filipinos. PNoy rejoices; we grieve.


God bless the Philippines!