The Fight Has Just Started XI

Inquirer article headline: “After RH war, let healing begin–Ping”


This is how the culture of death moves inevitably forward. Win an inch, then try to soothe the pain of the losers (pro-lifers) and say let us move on. “Let bygones be bygones.” There are 2 problems with that. (1) The pro-RH forces will indeed move on …. to further the culture of death. They have a diabolical agenda, and are relentless in pursuing it. In arrogance, the USA and the UN have already openly proclaimed their once-hidden agenda: to impose abortion as a universal human right. (2) How can we let bygones be bygones, when we confront intrinsic evil? Do you mean to say, well, we have passed evil into law, so let us all just accept it? That is ridiculous, and the pro-lifers who accept it are stupid.


Senator Lacson said the Aquino administration and the Catholic Church hierarchy have the same good intentions. Hello? Once again, the pro-RH are turning things upside down, calling evil good. As the saying goes, the road to hell is paved with good intentions. The daang matuwid of PNoy, in the case of RH, leads straight (no pun intended) to hell for Filipinos.


Lacson: “there are bishops who are full of hatred and who engage in name-calling.” Once again, pro-RH turns things topsy-turvy. I do not know of any bishop who is full of hatred, as they are godly men who are full of Christian love. Pro-RH propaganda such as this is in fact intended to cause Catholics to dislike or even hate their bishops. Liberal media conspires.


Lacson: “I’ve been called a prince of darkness because of my push for the RH bill.” Mr Lacson, telling the truth is not hatred! Even Jesus called certain people evil. The bishops are actually doing you a favor, so that you would consider why they are saying what they are saying, and hopefully come to knowledge of the truth.


Lacson: “What is difficult is the disinformation.” Well said. You are speaking like a pro-lifer lamenting the widespread, persistent, insistent, diabolical disinformation spread by the pro-RH side. Pro-RH presents bad as good, degrades good as bad, tells outright lies supported by false statistics, and generally resorts to deception and subterfuge.


Lacson: “We have been stressing on the floor that abortion remains illegal; that it won’t be allowed.” Mr Lacson, you are being disingenuous. You are a very smart person. Surely you know that certain contraceptives are abortifacient. Surely you are aware of the experience of ALL other countries, where pro-RH ALWAYS starts with condoms and contraceptives, and INEVITABLY move on to abortion. What you are saying about abortion remaining illegal is true, but your assertion about the ultimate intent is FALSE.


Lacson: The Catholic Church bishops “should be the ones to take the first step towards reconciliation.” Mr Lacson, don’t worry. The bishops, being practicing Christians, are always for love, peace, unity, reconciliation, forgiveness. That is a given. They hate the sin but not the sinner. In a sense there is no need to take the first step towards reconciliation, because bishops have always remained reconciled with their flock. But if you mean just accept RH and embrace those who will continue to promote the culture of death, that is another matter. Bishops are shepherds. They have the spiritual well-being of the flock at heart. They will continue to admonish the sinner, and they will continue to oppose the culture of death.


In fact, how I pray that our bishops, and more of them, would speak more strongly against the scourge of RH. How I wish that they would make use of Church discipline on Catholics, like interdict or even excommunication (check out what Paul said in 1 Corinthians 5:2,5,9,13). How I hope that they would clean up the sheepfold and deal with the enemy within (dissident theologians, pro-RH Catholic professors, feminist nuns, clerics openly disobedient to the Church magisterium, etc.). Well, since they listen to God and not to people like Senator Lacson, perhaps they would indeed do so.


God bless the Philippines!