The Fight Has Just Started XIII

Inquirer columnist Ma. Ceres Doyo says of a Catholic prelate: “And because tomorrow is Holy Innocents’ Day, it won’t be unlikely for the likes of him to liken the RH bill to Herod’s order to slaughter the innocents.”


Isn’t it amusing that pro-RH people make statements of truth but present them as ridicule and as being contrary to truth? Satan indeed is the father of lies. He turns truth on its head. Pro-RH make good bad and bad good. Like Satan who comes as an angel of light at times, pro-RH vigorously claim that RH is for women’s health, family well-being, emancipation of the poor, and the social and economic good of the nation. What is true is actually the very opposite.


Indeed the RH bill is not ordering the slaughter of the innocents …. yet. It actually is preparing the way for that. Why can’t everyone see the clear and convincing experience of all nations that started just with contraceptives? Now they all have abortion. King Herod pretended he wanted to worship the newborn child, but actually intended to kill him. Did he tell the magi, find him so I can murder him? In the same way, pro-RH continue to proclaim that they are against abortion. RH makes false assertions, presenting itself as the salvation of women and society. The true intent is much more deadly and diabolical.




Star columnist William Esposo banners his headline with regards to the passage of the RH bill: “P-Noy KOs the CBCP.”


They had similar headlines almost 2,000 years ago, after that eventful Good Friday. The Jerusalem Post: “King Herod KOs the king of the Jews.” The Calvary times: “Satan KOs God.” Satan and all hell rejoiced too. On the third day Jesus rose. Guess who actually was KO’ed?


We put our hope and trust in a victorious risen King.


God bless the Philippines!